April Showers Bring May ... Surprises

We entered May with one major event on the calendar:  our youngest son's, college graduation.  Aside from Mother's Day and the dog's annual veterinarian visit, Nathan's graduation stood as the sole event of the month. Graduation went off without a hitch, and Nathan entered the world of the hopefully soon-to-be employed.

But, our dog's vet exam turned into two, the second one an overnighter.  Doggie medicated (think $$$$), we looked forward to a relaxing Mother's Day weekend with my daughter, Tisha, and granddaughter, Victoria.  During that weekend, we visited our son and daughter-in-law, Chris and Haley.  The girls wanted to compare their pregnant tummies: Haley due June 9 and Tisha due June 27.  On Monday, Tisha returned home.

Three days later, Tisha headed for the hospital in premature labor.  Thankfully, the doctors managed to stop her labor.  June 27 was too many WEEKS away.

All of this paled in comparison to the next event:

Haley's water broke! 

Why were our grandchildren in such a hurry to see the world?  I wonder what Victoria whispered to them on Mother's Day to get them so excited?

Our granddaughter arrived 3.5 weeks early.  We hung on to every report and tried not to hover as the days in the neonatal unit dragged by.  On day ten, our adorable little trooper passed her tests and headed for home.  Yay, for Riley, already an overachiever according to her doctor.

It's the last day of May.  June 27 is still 4 weeks away, so I'm holding my breath.  We've had enough for May 2011.

Congratulations to Nathan (who's looking for a PE teaching job if any of you know of one) and to Chris and Haley and their beautiful new family!

Stay tuned for more news next month...hopefully near the END of the month, not the beginning!


Vonda Skelton said…
Wow, Barbara! What an exciting month for the Evers family! Congratulations on Nathan's graduation and the arrival of little Riley. Praying for a safe delivery of your new little one in LATE June!
Bob Strother said…
Been there, done most of that. A harrowing time for parents and grandparents alike. Glad all went well, hoping for a equally successful June.
Tibby said…
Glad all went well. Grands are such angels, aren't they? We enjoy them and then the parents do the hard stuff.
It's never a dull moment at the Evers household. I pray that Tisha's baby waits because EVERYONE wants training the week of June 13. Murphy's Law stay away!
Valerie Norris said…
So happy little Riley is home and healthy! And I pray that the other little one waits. What a lovely summer you're going to have, with these tiny miracles to love. I miss the tiny ones. All my grands are five and over now.
Congratulations, Barbara. Emotions galore! The baby looks adorable.
Terri Dreyer said…
I new Princess is born. What a great May Flower!
Terri, Absolutely true. Thanks for stating it so simply.

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