The Compelling Power of Nature

Decapitated tree
Thunder droned in the distance.  Heavy clouds darkened the horizon, and neon-bright streaks of lightning cracked the sky.  We urged the dog to hurry up with his business, so we could seek comfort and shelter inside.  The rising storm distracted him, but we did get him inside before the monster hit.

Monster might sound strong for a thunderstorm, but this storm struck with vicious fury.  Wind shoved trees into horizontal bows, and I peered out the window praying the pine tree's shallow roots would cling to the earth.  Towering above the house, the pine tree struggled against the onslaught, bending further than imaginable.  A loud crack threatened disaster and I dashed away from the window, bracing for the impact on our house.  Remarkably the tree didn't fall, but later we discovered another tree in our back yard sheared in half, maybe struck by lightning.

That's NOT's hail!
Not to be outdone by the gusting wind, hail pummeled the yard and house. Parts of our yard disappeared under a white coating, the clatter of stones against the house deafening.  I couldn't help but stand at the window and stare in astonished wonder at nature's furious power.  The houses across the street disappeared in the heavy downpour of rain and hail.

After the worst of the storm subsided, we ventured outside to view the damage and snap pictures.  As incredible a storm as it was, the local news later reported that no one was injured.

A few hours later, piles of hail remain
I've never experienced a tornado or hurricane, and I find it hard to fathom a stronger storm than this one, but the power behind this storm gave me a taste of the adrenaline rush that compels storm chasers to risk their lives.  I get it now...I think.


It was a dark and stormy night... Lol!
Wayne G. said…
Sounds like you had a Rip, Pouring, hail of a time.
Carole, I briefly considered starting with that line, but it's so cliche.
Uncle Wayne, you got that right! We have holes ripped in our siding and damage to the deck and roof.
Tisha said…
Are you sure there wasn't a tornado looming about? I don't know about Carolina, but in Atlanta, it no longer just rains. Whenever it rains, it is also joined by the crazy thunder and hail AND always a tornado or five, thrown about. Seriously, what happened to just a storm? They don't exist anymore.
Vonda Skelton said…
Wow, Barbara, I'm thankful it wasn't worse. Praise God for His protection!
Yep, Tisha, it wasn't a tornado. The news said we had 60-75 mph winds, but it blew straight instead of in a funnel. That's the difference, it turns out.
And for the reminder of just how powerful He is, Vonda!

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