Fantasy Breeds Intelligence

A few days ago, I joined the Writers' Platform-Building Campaign sponsored by Rach Writes.  I've never done this before, so I'm not sure what to expect.  So far I've visited several blogs of fellow campaigners and some of them have stopped by mine to say hello.  That's pretty cool.

So, I figured I might need to tell these new visitors a little about my writing.  I've been writing/creating stories for as long as I can remember.  My reading tastes are eclectic, but my favorite genre to read is Fantasy.  I love fantasy because it stretches the imagination in ways we haven't considered. For those of you who don't read fantasy, it's not as simple a form of writing as you might think.  Reading fantasy takes brain-power.  The worlds are complex, the characters involved in numerous problems, and the subplots abound like rabbits multiplying.  You've got to keep your wits about you to keep up, and that's what makes it so much fun!

I do read other books on occasion, but I quickly return to fantasy because my mind needs a little more work to do.  It keeps me fine-tuned and ready for action.

I didn't start out to write fantasy, but writers don't really choose what they want to write.  The characters choose us.  Imagine a friend who continually seeks you out and won't leave you alone.  The more you avoid them, the more they bug you. Finally, you give in and discover what a wondrous creature this person is.

My favorite fantasy authors, by the way, are Patricia McKillip, Sara Douglass, Elizabeth Haydon, George RR Martin, Robert Jordan, Faith Hunter, CE Murphy, and Sarah Addison Allen (who manages to show up in general fiction, but it's definitely fantasy).

Who and what do you read and/or write?  Inquiring minds--remember mine is always seeking knowledge--want to know. 



I'm so glad you joined the campaign! Waving hi.
Carole, Got any tips on making the best of the campaign?
Unknown said…
Interesting enough, I wanted to write science fiction, but like you said, my fantasy characters were stronger. They've taken permanent residence in my mind and refuse to be evicted. They rarely let me write about anything but them :D
Daina,Egotistical little buggers, aren't they?
Cheryl said…
I'm also up for reading pretty much any genre, but I gravitate towards fantasy. I just finished reading George RR Martin's fifth book in the Song of Ice and Fire series and am currently reading the third in Lynn Flewelling's Nightrunner series. Other favourites include Dave Freer, Terry Pratchett, David Gemmell and Trudi Canavan (an eclectic mix in and of itself). But there are many more. I devour..I mean read, about a book a week.

Daina, I have the same problem with this particular set of characters. I was writing an urban fantasy novel when they kidnapped me and made me write this one!

My current WIP is fantasy.
Kristin Baker said…
Hello, co-campaigner! My favorite genre is also fantasy, YA mostly. I'm also up for a bit of steampunk, sci-fi, dystopian, and dark fiction.
And not to confuse anyone, I do write in other genres, but as Daina and Cheryl have both admitted, the fantasy characters tend to push for the most attention. Maybe it has something to do with those extra powers?
Brenda Sills said…
Hi Barbara! What a great post! I love how you described the fantasy genre. And I'm so glad you told us about your fav fantasy authors.

I'm a fellow campaigner in the Fantasy group. It's so great to meet you!
Thanks Brenda. I wish I could say the authors list is complete.I'm always looking for new authors in the genre. I've just recently heard of Elspeth Cooper. Her Wild Hunt series isn't on Kindle yet, so I'm tempted to go buy the physical book.
Anonymous said…
Oh, I definitely agree about fantasy.

I'm a fellow platform-building campaigner from your fantasy group, btw. Nice to meet you around the blogosphere
AE Marling said…
As a soldier in the writer campaign, I salute you.

I won't lie. Getting at the strengths of fantasy is the point of my blog. In my totally biased yet still delicious opinion, fantasy is the most playful genre. It best captivates the imaginative romps of children, which are necessary to be happy as an adult. Also, it exercises the creativity muscle, which is the greatest of human adaptations.

Best wishes on your writing.
Anonymous said…
Hello there! I'm a fellow campaigner in your fantasy group. I look forward to following your future posts!

I prefer to write fantasy/urban fantasy, but when it comes to short stories I often end up writing darker literatuer. =)
AE, you're saluting me? Wow, I'm coming up in the world. Thanks for dropping by. And Quid, well my short stories tend to be more mainstream, and some of them are kind of dark. I guess if we have to shorten it, we gotta go for the dim recesses of the mind.
Unknown said…
Hi, fellow campaigner, thanks for the visit, and for signing up on the The Rule of Three Blogfest !

I write literary fiction, and a bit of everything else :). I love reading fantasy..and Martin is my current read on Kindle.

If you're on twitter, do spread the word about this fab writing blogfest via the hashtag #REN3
Hi Damyanti! Glad to meet you and to know that you read Martin, a very good choice. I will definitely pass your info along and get the emblem up on my site tomorrow.
Hi Barbara, trying to get around and say hello to all the authors in the fantasy groups! Hello!

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