National Buy A Book Day

Did you know that today is National Buy A Book Day?  Yep, it surely is.  So, my question to you is what are you waiting for?  Go out and buy a book.  Or...stay in and buy a book.  It doesn't really matter as long as you buy a book.


Because books, in any form, are worth having.  I could go on and discuss the relative merits of this concept, but Philip Athans does a much better job on his blog, Fantasy Author’s Handbook, so check it out and go buy a book!

For those of you who prefer a simple process, these are the steps Philip suggests in his blog:

1. Go to a bookstore (or anywhere that sells books, including online)
2. Pick out a book
3. Buy it 

Seriously, how hard can that be?  And with that note, my work here is done, but please feel free to comment and tell me what book(s) you bought.


Cheryl said…
I didn't buy a book today...yet, but I'm thinking of getting the next in Lynn Flewelling's Nightrunner series, since I'm just over halfway through the third. I still have time to decide! What book did you buy?
Cheryl, I haven't read any of Flewelling's books, so I might need to check them out soon. I bought Giraffe:It's Biology, Behavior, and Ecology. It's a used book printed in 1982, and I've been thinking about buying it for some time now. I kind of obsess over giraffes and have studied them for years. I even use them in my writing.
Henry said…
I did not buy a book on National Buy a Book Day. I already keep bookstores in business the other 364 days a year, so it seems only fair for those people who rarely buy books to pick up the slack one day each year!
And they thoroughly appreciate you Henry. Me? Well, I'll take any reasonable excuse to add to my collection!
Marcy said…
So how did I miss this very important day? I should have stopped by your blog earlier. :)
Marcy, you'll just have to go out and buy two books to make up for the missed day. Glad to have you stopping by, btw.

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