Autumn Rhythm

My blog vibe isn't working today.  For some reason, none of the ideas I wanted to use in my post fit my mental rhythm. 

It's Autumn, and the cooler weather might be to blame.  I'm serious.  This kind of weather makes me feel relaxed and comfortable.  Not exactly the kind of mood you need to buckle down and get work done.

Not to say, I've not been productive today.  Thirteen baskets for the South Carolina Writers' Workshop conference's silent auction grace my dining room table--sorted, packed, and wrapped today, thanks to the assistance of two writers in our local critique group.  I still need to put ribbons on them, but they look amazing.  Hopefully, the conference attendees will find them appealing, too.

Everything else I've done today fits into random short tasks on my to do list, and now I just want to relax.  I think I will, so instead, let me share some pictures I found and scanned to my computer yesterday.  They're a little washed-out because they're from a long time before digital, but they still hint at the beauty of the fall colors.

And for fun, anyone want to guess my age in this picture?


Carolyn Knefely said…
Cute picture. I would guess you were about 15 years young.
Shine on.
Thanks Carolyn. Nope, not 15, though.
Susan M. Boyer said…
Baskets, really? You are a trooper. :)

I'm guessing 17...
Susan, Jill donated a bunch of books from Fiction Addiction again, so Valerie and I agreed to help him put the baskets together. It took four hours. Ugh. But they do look pretty good.

Oh, and yes, I'm 17 in the picture, but just a few weeks shy of 18. I never could slide one past you, could I?
Anonymous said…
No worries about the blog vibe lacking. I pretty much disappeared from commenting and posting for two weeks. But now I'm trying to get everything sorted and get back into it! I think blogging is like anything else in life. Sometimes we just need a break...
Quid, thanks for the empathy.

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