Six Sentence Sunday

I've discovered a neat activity that several bloggers on the Platform Campaign Challenge participate in:  Six Sentence Sunday.  I'm not part of the official group doing this, so I'm like that kid sister who tags along. The concept is simple, on Sunday post six lines from your work in progress.  I have to tell you, this wasn't easy for me.  Every time I thought I'd found a perfect passage, it ended up being five or seven lines.

Anyway, you can find the official participants here .  I'm just copy-catting them.  (Maybe next week, I'll get my act together and join the official group in time.)

My six lines:

No one spoke and Adana struggled into the heavier leathers meant to protect her from her enemy’s blade. Several Watchers and Soldiers of the First Sight suffered from the same illness as her mother.  The shortage of healthy warriors might help her remain unnoticed in the rush of preparation.

With her head down, she sought to hide the one trait that made her stand out among Monians, her blue eyes.

If she couldn’t control Mammetta’s future, then she would control her own.  Eliminate Maligon and maybe the Creator would heal her mother as a reward.

So that's it, a short passage from THE WATCHERS OF MONIAH.  What do you think?


Cheryl said…
I like that Barbara! It gives me a hint of your story's world and some questions (good questions) to make me curious.

I have the same problem picking out those six sentences - all my 'best bits' are either too many or not enough.

I haven't had time the past couple of weeks to pick out a six and enter, but it's good fun.
Unknown said…
Most intriguing sentences :) Makes you want to know more.

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