The Christmas Gift Buying Frenzy

Bracing for the cold,
That blew in yesterday.
Feeling crisp and bold.
As I bundle along my way

December is here.
The season of cheer.
Christmas time once more.
Make sure you don't miss it
Rushing from store to store.

Thanksgviing, for me, launches the beginning of the Christmas season (even though several local radio stations try to force it on us in early November).  Families gather for Thanksgiving to share their bounty and show thanks for the blessings bestowed on them.  What better way to segue into the season that recognizes the greatest gift of all, our savior's birth?

This year, I want to slow down and not get caught up in the bustle.  I want to spend time with friends and family, instead of rushing around looking for that perfect gift to check off a lengthy list of recipients.

This non-sensical gift-grabbing is one of the reasons our family agreed to change a holiday tradition this year. We drew names among the adults for gift-giving.  Instead of umpteen gifts, I'm buying one.  Correction, I've bought one because I got mine on cyber Monday when the price dropped. Now I only need to buy gifts for my three grandchildren.  Just thinking about what I'll give them, fills my spirit with joy.

It feels weird, but with our family growing bigger and bigger, we lost focus of the important parts of Christmas:  sharing in the birth of Christ and the joy of the season.  I'm hoping that this year will be different.  Have we begun a new tradition that will give us time to spend together rather than standing in long lines at the mobbed stores?  I hope so.

So, this year, I won't stress over what to buy someone who already has everything or whether I spend the same amount of money on each of our children.  I can give more to those in need and see the holiday through the eyes of my grandchildren, not my bank balance.  Isn't that what the season means? Spreading joy to others?

I might even have time to make nutty fingers, an old family recipe that takes hours to do, but produces the most incredible melt-in-your-mouth cookies.

What about your family?   Any new traditions or old ones that you love?


Anonymous said…
Well said Barb! Can you inbox me the nutty finger recipe? :)
Carolyn Volpe
Absolutely. I'll try to get it to you later today. Email me back if I don't send it to you.
I'm amazed at how many gifts a lot of people buy for Christmas! We cut down the list long ago. We grew up drawing names, there were so many siblings, so continuing that tradition has helped us keep the gift-buying down to a reasonable number. And, as you said, gives us more to share with those truly in need.

Merry Christmas!
I'm in that in-between state, no grand-children yet, but grown children who are visiting everyone everywhere. So this year, we rented a beach house in FL so we could enjoy being together.
@Valerie, I'm not surprised that your family drew names. There were so many of you!

@Carole, that sounds wonderful! One year when my kids were scheduled to spend Christmas with their Dad, I went on a cruise and had a great time.

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