Short-lived Technology Upgrade Fear

I need a new phone...well, OK, maybe need is a strong word, but I want one. I got a Droid two years ago because I needed a smartphone in order to stay on top of my contract opportunities. My Droid has worked most of the time, but it's done some really odd things that have left me throwing my hands up in frustration. Sometimes, I dream fondly of my old flip phone.  It was so simple to use, but I know I won't be happy without the smartphone features that I've come to rely on.  Whatever would I do while stuck waiting somewhere?

I want something new, but I have STUF (Short-lived Technology Upgrade Fear)--that horrible feeling that comes within a few days of buying something new because the next greatest and latest product came out days or weeks later, making your not-so-wonderful-anymore item obsolete.

How did we get so dependent on technology anyway?  I taught a Time Management class last week, and one of the topics that we discussed at length was how to effectively and efficiently use email while still getting your work done.  In case you're wondering, time management gurus suggest setting a specific time to check your email, for example at 9am and 3pm, while restricting that time to a specific number of minutes.  Obviously, people have to work within their job constraints, and so a person whose job requires them to use email continuously can't do this, but this is one method to manage the madness.

As for the internet, Facebook, blogging, Twitter, etc., I've had to let most of those lie dormant this week while I handle a really heavy work schedule.  It boggles the mind how many messages now reside in my inbox!

What's your time and technology issue?

Oh, and I still, want a new phone.  Any thoughts on that decision?


Go for the iPhone 4S. It's the ultimate phone. Pricey but worth it. And it's just got out, so no STUF.
I'm beginning to suffer from electric gadget phobia because they FAIL! The electric steam mop exploded, the iPod will not work, and today my little Tassimo coffee maker went a bit crazy. I performed my usual repair method for when an electronic gizmo misbehaves--unplugged and replugged--and it worked again. But for how long?

Good luck with the smart phone. My dumb phone is enough for me...
Henry said…
Don't have a smart phone and I don't want one, either. I figure there's got to be at least one area of technology where I don't try to "keep up" with the latest and greatest. My cell phone is over four years old but when I enter a bunch of numbers, it still calls other phones. Isn't technology amazing?
@Carole, that's the phone I'm considering.

@Valerie, that's kind of like the old joke of close the windows and re-open them (for Windows software) and trying that when your car dies.

@Henry, I'm impressed you haven't given into the technology. I kind of wish I didn't succomb years ago, but I almost missed a contract because of being somewhere without my computer. Can't afford to miss work.
Luanne G. Smith said…
Love my iphone. I can't imagine ever going back to a regular phone. It's like having a magic wand.

And, uh, we're supposed to put limits on our time spent social networking via technology? I think I'm doing it wrong. :)
Anonymous said…
Depends on what you need it for. iPhone is a great choice, but I prefer my Droid because it has a full slide-out keyboard. My wide, stubby thumbs don't do touchscreen keypads very well.
Chris Evers said…
I have 3 fun things for you :)

Number 1: The average American spent 32 hours per month on the Internet in 2010. Persons ages 45-54 set the high bar averaging more than 39 hours online each month. (According to comScore Media Metrix in January 2011). Even crazier, the average person spends nearly 8 hours a month on Facebook according to a Nielson study :)

Number 2: Here's a fun video on Katie Couric's take on the internet back in 1996 (doesn't seem that far back, just imagine what we'll see in the future):

Number 3: Android vs. Iphone...the big debate. Iphone is an easier to use device and most people that get them absolutely love them; however, it is less customizable than Android. Also everyone seems to love the new Siri technology on the Iphone 4S. Android tends to be a little more complicated, but defintely has more ability to customize the phone. I prefer Android and I love the new Motorola Droid Razr and VZW is coming out with the Galaxy Nexus soon which will be the first to run Android Version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Neither has a keyboard, but I haven't missed my keyboard since I had the original Droid and I've gotten used to the on screen keyboards since the screens have a gotten a lot bigger and more responsive. I would probably wait for the price to drop a bit, but those are my favorites.
OK, those are some crazy stats Chris. Love it!

Also, thanks for the suggestions. I'll have to check the various phones out in the near future.

Now, I'm off to watch the video link...

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