It's Not Christmas Without Nutty Fingers

Last week I mentioned I might have time to make our family's famous nutty fingers this year since I won't be stuck shopping all season long.  Several of you requested the recipe, so I decided to include it in this week's blog post.
Nutty fingers have been a part of Christmas as long as I can remember. When the large red cookie tin with the clipper ship on the lid appears on the side counter, every member of my family knows what's inside. It doesn't take long before someone eases over and pops open the lid.  The sound is unmistakeable.  Anyone within earshot flocks to the tin,  fingers itching to sample this years' batch.  Before you know it, you've eaten six or seven or a dozen.
Some of you may take one look at this recipe and decide to not bother because it will look like a wedding cookies recipe. That would be a BIG mistake.  If you follow the tips I list below, the nutty fingers will come out light and melt-in-your mouth.  If you ignore these tips, the disappointing result will be hard, heavy wedding cookies.

You choose.

Essential Tips
1. Don't refrigerate the dough. Your cookies will become dense.  Don't refrigerate!
2. Use a metal cookie tube without a tip. This helps you deliver the perfect quantity and consistency of dough for each cookie.
3. Keep blending after the dough is mixed.  This was where I messed up for several years (and had to get my mother's help to figure out the problem).  When combining the ingredients (step #2 in the recipe) in the mixer, you want to keep mixing until the dough has a smooth, butter-like texture. This will take several minutes The dough should have enough consistency to not run out of the cookie tube but smooth enough that it slides easily from the tube when you press the plunger.


Nutty Fingers

2/3 cup butter, softened
1 cup flour
3 T sugar  (to triple recipe, 9T = 2/3 cup)
1 cup chopped pecans
1 tsp vanilla

  1. Preheat oven to 325 o
  2. Combine ingredients, cream in mixer until smooth and butter-like consistency
  3. Separate into cookies:
    • Use a cookie tube without a tip
    • Dispense onto cookie sheet, separating into 1 1/2 - 2 inch lengths with a knife
  4.  Bake for 20 minutes
  5. Cool on wire rack
  6. Roll in confectioner’s sugar
  7. Store in air-tight container with wax paper between levels
Warning, these cookies are addictive if made properly.  Watch them disappear.

Merry Christmas!


Chris Evers said…
No pictures to go with the recipe??? That's half the inspiration :-)
Luanne G. Smith said…
I really wish I hadn't read this. I tried on a pair of pants today for the first time in a year and they are TIGHT! Ugh, and now it is cookie baking season. I'm doomed.

Thanks for the recipe. :)
@Chris, these cookies don't stick around long enough for a picture.

@LG, I know. I was thinking the same thing when posting this. I'm doomed, too, because I can't stop thinking about them.
Misha Gerrick said…
Ooh this recipe sounds divine. Bookmarking it. :-)
Emily said…
Oh wow, that sounds delicious!
Oooh delicious. I will make me some.

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