Turning Over a New Page

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This week, I want to introduce you to a new blog and invite you to visit and check it out.  Some of you may know that I used to be a public speaker, presenting to businesses, organizations, and church groups on a variety of topics, but primarily on faith, motivation, or inspiration.  My career path hit a fork in the road several years ago, and I found myself focused more toward the training and writing world, but I never lost my love for speaking to groups.  My new blog, The Workbench of Faith , picks up that passion and will focus primarily on faith.  This week's post, The Weight of a Mountain , focuses on moving mountains.

For those of you who follow An Eclectic Muse, I will continue to write about the creative sides of my life here.  Starting next week, I will post every other week on An Eclectic Muse. On the alternate weeks, I will post to The Workbench of Faith.

Please check out the new blog, and if you like what you read, you can sign up to follow it via email (found in the left side of the screen).  While you're there, follow the links and check out my website , too.

Need a speaker for your next event?  Contact me here .


Looking forward to your new blog!

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