Temptation Tuesday

Today, we have a snippet from my completed novel, The Watchers of Moniah. I hope you enjoy!
Pultarch mumbled in his sleep and thrashed on the small cot.  Sarx and the tavern maid stood watch over him.  She shook her head. “She must have been quite remarkable.  It’s rare I see men so upset.”
Sarx smiled at her, enjoying the visible tremor that ran over the serving girl’s shapely body every time he looked at her.
“No, nooo.” Pularch moaned and rolled his head on the pillow.
She knelt by the bed and smoothed the boy’s brow, crooning a lullaby in the voice of an angel. 
Sarx studied the girl.  He had searched the local taverns for months before he found the one in the rumors.  Her resemblance to Adana was uncanny.
Until Pultarch joined him this evening, she had always given his table a wide berth.  Still, over several months, he learned she lacked the accent or demeanor of the streets.  Very little polishing would be necessary, and he recognized the hunger in her eyes. Her obvious dislike of him sweetened the situation.  But with Pultarch as bait, she’d do what he wanted.  He knew she had mentally tallied up the boy’s worth within minutes of their arrival at The Sleeping Dog.  Sarx smiled as he imagined her reaction when she learned the truth of the riches he could send her way. 
“Tell me girl, what do they call you?”
“Shana, my lord.”  She stood up, smoothing her apron before she met his eyes.  A drunken snore came from the bed.
“Ahh, a beautiful name.”  Sarx studied her, his head tilted to the side. “But tell me, how do you come by such proper speech?  Your surroundings indicate …” He spread his arms and the gesture took in the barely furnished room, the sour smell of the tavern below, the rowdy noises that reached them through the closed door.
 “Do I not belong here?”  She took an agitated step toward him.  “Do you think to judge me?”
“But you didn’t always live like this?” He was enjoying this interlude.  It was refreshing to deal with a woman who did not hide her dislike of him.
Shana stared at him for a long time.  He watched the emotions play over her face, guessing she was debating how much to tell him.  He had already implied she could live better than this.  Would she take the bait?
“I used to serve as a Lady’s Attendant.”
“And I lost my position.”  She looked away.
He let the silence stretch out for several moments, enjoying her discomfort.
“I see,” said Sarx.  He sat down in the only chair in the room, crossed his arms, and scanned her from head to toe. 
Indignation crossed her face, but she faced him, chin held high. 
He laughed. “I bet your lady did not appreciate the attention her man gave you, hmmm?”
Shana shrugged.  “If that’s how you prefer to view it, my lord.”
Before anyone calls me on this, I know it's Wednesday even though my blog title says Tuesday.  I just didn't get this up yesterday...so sue me. *wink, wink*
This snippet comes from a completed novel.  I'm still seeking an agent or publisher.
 Did you enjoy it? Would you like to read more?


Enjoyed it a lot, Barbara. It's been a long time since I heard your story.
Thanks Carole. I miss hearing yours, too.
LoryKC said…
It's great, Barbara! Good luck with the agent search!
(I would love to see more!)
I'm still tweaking the novel I was so excited about last Fall...
(I am guilty of being excited about the start of school (again)! My youngest will be going to PreK EVERY morning! 2.5 "free" hours! Who KNOWS what I can write with all of that time?) ;-)

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