Low Country Boil Simmers With Heat and Excitement

Slide over Margaret Maron and Rita Mae Brown, a new southern mystery writer, Susan M. Boyer, just appeared on the scene.  In the vein of Maron's Deborah Knott and Brown's Harry Harristeen, Boyer's Liz Talbot snoops and investigates murders and other crimes in the small island town of Stella Maris, South Carolina.

 In Boyer's first novel of this guaranteed-to-be series, Low Country Boil, we meet Liz as she chases a rabbit through Reedy River Park in Greenville, SC.  Of course, the rabbit is really a man dressed as a rabbit.  After Liz and her private investigating partner serve said rabbit with a subpoena, they head for a relaxing beer, but the unexpected appearance of a ghost from her past and the sudden news of her grandmother's mysterious death interrupt Liz's relaxation.  Determined to discover her grandmother's killer, Liz packs up and moves home to Stella Maris, a small island off the coast of Charleston.

Just like her predecessors, Boyer knows the best southern mysteries occur in small towns with crazy neighbor high jinx and nutty family members to round out the fun.  Liz Talbot's tough-girl exterior stirred with ingrained southern charm and wit make her a must-read for any fan of this genre of fiction.  Just ask the crowd of fans who gathered last week at Greenville's local independent bookstore, Fiction Addiction, to celebrate the launch of this new and fun character into the realms of heroic southern women who solve crimes.

 Susan Boyer is a member of South Carolina Writers' Workshop, Romance Writers of America, and Sisters in Crime.  Her first book, Low Country Boil received accolades as a 2012 Golden Heart finalist.


Susan M. Boyer said…
Barbara! Thank you so much for this lovely review and the snapshot of what was one of the happiest days of my life!

Thanks for being a part of it, and for being a part of my very first critique group--the local SCWW chapter.

This is just--AWESOME! Thank you!
Susan, you are so welcome. It's a deserved accomplishment.
LynDee Walker said…
What a lovely article! Congratulations again on a great launch, Susan, and thanks so much for the wonderful novel!
Terri L. Austin said…
Loved Lowcountry Boil, Susan! Congrats on your release and many happy sales!
Susan M. Boyer said…
LynDee and Terri, Thank y'all so much! I really appreciate your support!

It is a quite lovely article, isn't it? :)
Great post! Congrats on your launch, Susan. Lowcountry Boil is a great mystery! I enjoyed it so much.
LoryKC said…
Adding this to my TBR list! Thanks!

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