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Me with the Grands!
When I started this blog, I named it An Eclectic Muse on purpose. I wanted to write about whatever inspired me.  Since my inspirations change several times during the day, the word eclectic fit my needs. In the beginning, I did get some questions about what eclectic means, so for any one in doubt, here is a partial definition from dictionary.com:

Eclectic:  [ih-klek-tik] (Adjective)
1. selecting or choosing from various sources.
2. made up of what is selected from different sources.
3. not following any one system, as of philosophy, medicine, etc., but selecting and using what are considered the best elements of all systems.

It fit me.  I wanted to blog about writing because the publishing industry recommends that all writers have an online presence.  Blogging is a great way to do that.  But, I'm a professional trainer.  There are so many topics that arise daily from standing in front of a room full of adults in order to help them develop their work skills or learn how to improve their careers. Then of course, there's my family.  A lot to build on there.  Plus, there are GIRAFFES!  I can't write without throwing in a giraffe now and then.  Wait until my fantasy novel gets published.  You'll see!  And, because it is so important to me, my faith crept in at times when I found something very moving.

The thing is, most blogging advise claims bloggers should have a single focus. So, I started a separate blog for my faith-based posts:  The Workbench of Faith, and I attempted to focus An Eclectic Muse primarily on writing...reluctantly, I might add.

What have I come to understand?  When I write about training experiences, public speaking, my family, crazy things that sometimes happen, I'm writing about the human experience.  As writers we write about the human experience.  We take the everyday and find ways to put it into our writing.

As I move forward with this blog, I will return to my original eclectic posts.  I'll let my muse guide me.  Sometimes, I might point out the direct applications to other writers, but the fact is writing is about expanding our world.  That means anything I write about can serve as a muse to writers, as a tip to trainers, as a chuckle for your day, or a chance to release some inner voice that won't leave me alone on that particular day.

I hope many of my readers will be glad to see me move back to my original style and stay with me on this journey.

PS  Because  The Workbench of Faith blog covers a special area that I feel should be explored in a different environment, I will continue to write my faith-based posts there.  Please check it out and subscribe to it if you like what you read.

And if you would like to know about me and my career, you can visit my website:  Eversworks


womenswrites said…
I love this post, because I grapple with the same issues in regards to my own blog. It never occurred to me to combine all my interests (many!) into one blog and that it was all about the same thing! Thanks so much for sharing!!
Anonymous said…
I am just about three weeks into my blog and I am having the same issue--curiosity and opinions about everything. I have thought about writing a blog such as this one explaining why I am interested in everything from baseball to hiking. Thanks for making me feel better about the randomness of my posts. Marion Aldridge
Glad to know I'm not alone! It seems crazy to me that a blog on writing should only focus on writing-appropriate topics. Our inspirations come from anything we encounter in our day, so why can't we be eclectic? It's such a relief to finally get this and know that others understand.

Thanks ladies!
My blog has no one central subject, either. Just things that make me laugh, or things that I think others will laugh at. Life is hard, sometimes, so I try to keep things light.
And I love your blog Valerie!

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