Great Summer Reading Choices

Summer time means people looking for some great things to read on vacation.  Let me suggest a few options from my local writing group.

First, my short story, Pieces, appeared in the Spring 2013 issue of moonShine review.  This volume (pictured left) contains stories about choices. I've read all of the entries, and you can't go wrong if you want to order a copy.  Another member of our writing group, Bob Strother, has a story in this issue, too.

Susan  Boyer, hit the Kindle top 100 for her book, Low Country Boil.  Her first mystery has received quite a bit of notice and she's won several awards including the Agatha for first novel.  Congrats, Susan!  I blogged about her book when it first came out:  Low Country Boil Simmers with Heat and Excitement.

Another friend, Bob Strother, released his book, Shug’s Place: A Novel-in-Stories.  I have my copy and can't wait to read it during my vacation later this month.  This is Bob's second short story book.  I blogged about the first one, Scatter, Smothered, and Covered, in this post:  Michael Connelly, Steve Berry…and Bob Strother.

And, another one of our members, David Burnsworth, sold his first novel.  It comes out in February, so watch for a blog post about it next year.

A few other selections to look for from our writing group:

Jim McFarlane's novel, Penelope: A Novel of New Amsterdam, is a fictionalized account of his ten times great grandmother's journey to America.  But this is not a boring history book, it's an amazing journey, including the story of how Penelope managed to survive a shipwreck and scalping.

Valerie Norris' short story, All Foam, No Beer, appeared in Sweeter Than Tea, a compilation of stories about Southern moms.  Her story shines among the several great stories in this volume.

Success happens when a group of people come together to work toward a common goal.  Most people don't think of writing as a team endeavor, but it takes knowledgeable people to look over your work, suggest changes, and encourage you to write more.  Each of these authors contribute to the success of our writing group.  We have been blessed.

So, if you're bookshelf or Kindle are running low, use the links above to check out these offerings


JES Hays said…
Don't forget DOWN THE OWLHOOT TRAIL - my Western anthology that was published in April!
JES Hays, congrats. The ones listed in the blog above are members of my local writing group. I hope you have a local group, too.
Vonda Skelton said…
Wow, you're with a prolific, talented writers group! Congrats all around!

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