Spreading Our Wings To Fly

When we reach beyond ourselves,
we are closest to spreading our wings to fly.
Image courtesy of Tina Phillips\freedigitalphotos.net

The statement above represents the motto and tagline for my business.

Eversworks encompasses training, public speaking, and writing services, and I seek to inspire, motivate, and encourage people in their search for personal and career development.

If you've never visited my website, you might not know about some of my services and activities.  Over the last week, my website received a complete overhaul, and today, I'm excited to unveil that new look.  You can find it at Eversworks.com.

I value accuracy and clarity on anything with my name attached to it, so I welcome your feedback, positive or constructive.  If you're willing to help in that way, please drop by the site, follow all of the links, and read the information.  I appreciate, in advance, your assistance.

And, if you didn't know about my public speaking ministry, please make sure you check out the link to my One Sheet on the Everspeak page.

Most importantly, if you think people might find my services useful, please share my site.

Thank you!
Barbara V. Evers


Susan M. Boyer said…
I love the new website, Barbara. The clean design showcases all of your specialties quite well. Well done!

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