Two Great Options for National Buy a Book Day

What is special about Saturday, Sept. 7, 2013?

It's National Buy A Book Day.  If you love reading and want to help out booksellers, this Saturday provides a perfect opportunity for you to do so.  The main thing is to buy a book.  Or hey! Go wild and buy more than one book.

What else is special about this Saturday?

Fiction Addiction in Greenville, SC will hold a book launch party for Susan M. Boyer's new book, Lowcountry Bombshell.  I love that she's provided me the perfect opportunity to buy the sequel to Lowcountry Boil on National Buy a Book day.  I've already downloaded the Kindle version, but I always get hard copies of books written by my friends.   Afterall, what's the fun of having friends who write if you don't get signed copies of their books?

If you're looking for something else to purchase, I recommend you check out Are We There Yet?  by  Sue and Hector Badeau.

Their story of the ultimate road trip chronicles the experiences of their family as they adopted twenty children.  When Sue and Hector got married, in 1979 they had a plan.  Work five years to pay off their school debts, then have two children and adopt two.

After five years, Sue and Hector already had two children and had adopted two more, both special needs children.  Not only that, but they became involved in foster care, learning the trauma that children in the system experience as they get transferred from foster family to foster family.  Over the years, in an effort to change the system, Sue worked to change government policy related to foster care and adoption, and the couple adopted a total of twenty children.  This book chronicles the joys and mishaps of their lives as they followed a creed of adopting the children least likely to be adopted.

I'll admit, I expected this book to be sugary sweet, displaying the Badeaus as a modern day Brady Bunch, but it's raw and real.  You will laugh with the crazy antics of family life and cry as they deal with terminal illnesses, children who choose poorly and end up in jail, and pre-marital pregnancies.  Sue and Hector are real people trying to give powerful meaning to their lives.  Everyone can learn something amazing from this couple.

I recently asked Sue for an updated count on children.  Her response:
  • 22 kids (19 still living) who comprise our "forever" family 
  • 50 additional foster care and other kids over the years
  • 35 grandchildren
  • 7 great grandchildren (6 living)

I've given you two great options for National Buy a Book Day, but the most important thing you can do is BUY A BOOK!

So, what book or books are you going to buy? Inquiring minds want to know.


Chris Evers said…
Saw your post about buy a book day and Haley picked out a book that night :)
Hoped she picked something great, Chris!
Henry said…
Buy a Book Day? I have nams for that day -- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Kim said…
Have my order in for both of Susan's books ... spending the morning in a presentation with a poet and editor ... where I'll no doubt buy another book! And there are actually people who need a special day to buy a book?! :-) Thanks for the second book recommendation~nice review
Henry and Kim, I'm with you. Who needs a special day to buy a book? But it turns out some people do need that little push. Must be a neglected childhood or something...
Susan M. Boyer said…
Barbara, thank you so much for making Lowcountry Bombshell one of your Buy a Book Day picks! I really appreciate the shout out and can't wait to see you tomorrow!

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