And The Winner Is...

Thank you to everyone who commented on my interview with author, David Burnsworth. The winner of the free, autographed copy of Southern Heat is...

Drum roll, please.

Marion Aldridge.

Congratulations Marion! If you haven't seen my message requesting your mailing address, please respond so we can send your book to you.

Preparing for this announcement got me thinking about contests of luck, and, in particular, my own experiences with them.  Sometime in my early twenties, my mom told me I was lucky.  When I asked her why, she said because I always win.
The Prize Egg!

From her perspective, I get it.  I wasn't even looking for the prize Easter egg at the church picnic.  I was fifteen.  Little children ran around looking for eggs, not me.  All I wanted was something to serve as third base in an impromptu softball game.  Underneath the stray board I picked up lay the most amazing egg I'd ever seen.  I took it to where my parents sat with the other members of our church to show it to them.  To my surprise, one of the ladies pulled a huge chocolate rabbit out of a bag and congratulated me on finding the prize egg.  Looking back, now, I wonder why they didn't try to help the kids find that egg.  The egg hunt ended a good hour before I found it.  Did the children know a special egg remained in the field, waiting to be found?

The next time I won something by chance, I was pregnant with my second child.  A local store held a contest where the first place prize was a new crib.  Since my first child still used her crib--yes, they were that close in age--I needed a second crib.  Although I didn't win the crib, I did win second place, and they let me put the price of the item I won toward the cost of a crib instead.

The prize that prompted my mom's comment about my luck came next.  In my first job, I sold Princess House Crystal.  My district manager encouraged me to attend a regional sales workshop, and I won the raffle that night, receiving cloths, silk flowers and candles for my sales display.  They were gorgeous, and since I operated on a shoestring budget, I needed something of better quality than what I'd been using.

To be honest, I think Mom jinxed me with her proclamation that I was lucky.  No matter how many times I enter a drawing, nothing ever comes my way.  Oh well, I guess my luck came early in life.

What about you?  Have you ever won anything on chance?

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For a while I watched Twitter for contests and won several--but decided Twitter was too big a time suck. Won a doll in a drawing when I was a kid. My cousin was so jealous she ruined it.
Valerie, there always seems to be contests on Twitter, so hard to keep up! I felt a tug of despair when you said your sister ruined your doll. Sibling rivalry in full force.

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