Would You Help A Giraffe?

Last Saturday, June 21, 2014, the world celebrated World Giraffe Day.  This year marks the first annual day to recognize these amazing animals.  We don't hear much about their dwindling numbers because they aren't hunted by poachers or infringing on any lands, but they are dwindling.  Estimates place the total giraffe population at 80,000.  That's not a lot.

In honor of my favorite animal, I want to provide some important links to my readers.  Please check them out and learn more about the giraffe.

World Giraffe Day
The Giraffe Conservation Foundation
  The Giraffe Conservation Foundation Facebook Page

Please considering contributing to their survival.  Our world is not as magical without God's creatures in it.

My husband and me feeding a giraffe at San Diego Wild Animal Park. Picture taken by Giraffe Specialist, Vicki Notaro


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