Catching Up: ComicCon and Other Things

With Heidi at ComicCon
The Women on Heidi's Panel
I know, I know, I haven't posted in a couple of weeks.  Sorry about that, but I've been busy.

First of all, I had a fantastic time at ComicCon with my daughter.  Her panel went very well, and the room was full (yep, that's  400+ people).  While there, I attended a few panels and checked out HBO's Game of Thrones, Survive the Realm experience.  Even though it wasn't part of ComicCon--it was across the street and free to anyone willing to wait in line--besides
People lining up during the panel to
ask questions.
Heidi's panel, it was my favorite part.

In Survive the Realm, they provide a green-screen photo-shoot.  You sit on a fake boulder, and they take several pictures of you seated beside the largest of Daenerys' dragons. Then they send it to you in a gif file. Most of the people in our group went for the regal look, trying to fit into the image of the Mother of Dragons. know me.  I have to be different.  Doing the same thing as everyone else isn't fun, so mine isn't regal or elegant.  I chose to get down in front of the boulder and fight the dragon.  I probably ruined the effect by laughing and almost falling off the rock at the end.  But it was fun.

The next event in Survive the Realm gives people an opportunity to participate in a virtual reality experience of scaling the wall in the north and...  I won't say anymore.  This is a traveling show, so I don't want to ruin it for anyone.  If you get the chance and don't mind heights, this is a must-do.

Then we sat on the iron throne which is as uncomfortable as the books claim.

Since then, I've been catching up on work, teaching or customizing classes on Problem Solving, Leadership, and Customer Service.  Not as exciting, I know, but hey it pays the bills.

But I do have one piece of exciting news.  Two of my essays and one of my short stories have been accepted for publication in the 2014 issue of The Petigru Review, available in October.

In case you're curious, there hasn't been a giraffe birth at the Greenville Zoo, yet.  Autumn is overdue, and the world waits on Earthcam to witness the event. Yes, my students have been treated to Earthcam watch during class breaks.  Yes, I'll keep that up until the baby arrives.  (As if you didn't know that.)

So, for now, you're caught up.  Next week, I'll try to be more on top of things.


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