A Day of Thanksgiving and My List of Thanks

© Barbara V. Evers, All rights reserved.
If these turkeys understood Thanksgiving dinner, they would be thankful to not be the guest of honor this week. I was thankful to see them parade through my backyard last summer and hope they still thrive in the woods nearby.

I'm thankful for turkey sitings, and today I want to share, in no particular order, other things I'm thankful for.

So here goes:

  • God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
  • My husband who puts up with me and encourages me in my interests
  • My children and grandchildren
  • Wonderful uncles, aunts, and cousins
  • My husband's parents and brothers
  • Giggles and laughter
  • The time I spent with my mother before she left this world
  • Other family members, even if I don't see some of you for many years
  • My sister, Lisa, and all the hard work she's done for our family
  • The ability to stay in touch with family and friends through various forms of technology
  • New friends
  • Giraffes and the Giraffe Conservation Foundation who seeks to protect them
  • Birds in flight
  • Books, books, books
  • E-books so I can carry LOTS of books with me
  • Publishers who print my stories and essays
  • My editor
  • The sound of the ocean
  • Walks in the woods
  • Walks on the beach
  • Roller coasters and other amusement park rides
  • Bicycle rides
  • Pecans
  • Pecan pie
  • Sweet potato
  • My mom's sweet potato pudding and the fact that I can make it like she did
  • Neighbors who say hi
  • My home and the comfort it gives me
  • My freedom
  • Phone calls from children
  • Movies I can watch with my grandchildren
  • Movies with my husband
  • Live theater
  • Concerts
  • Blue sky
  • Clouds
  • Trees, bushes, and flowers
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Blueberries
  • DVR so I can watch TV without commercials
  • Cell phones that let me talk to loved ones without paying long distance bills (something that was a required for most of my life)
  • The legacy of my grandparents
  • My college degrees
  • The opportunity to share my skills with others and get paid for it
  • The ability to write and reach people all over the world
  • South Carolina Writers' Workshop
  • Snow, because we don't get much in South Carolina
  • Mountains
  • Autumn leaves and their glorious color
  • Children's stories seen through the eyes of my grandchildren
  • Water
  • Plantation Mint tea
  • A supportive writing tribe
  • Filet
  • Shrimp
  • Lobster
  • Dark chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Rice milk
  • Coconut Almond milk
  • Cars that work
  • Planes that take me where I need to go
  • Dogs and the memory of those who have trusted me
  • Clemson University
  • People who encourage me to share my story
  • Computers that make editing easier than in my typewriter days
  • This blog
  • My inspirational blog
  • Christian Communicators and my CC sisters
  • Tennis shoes
  • A great hairstylist
  • The Christmas spirit
  • Christmas movies (the cornier the better)
  • Christmas books
  • Christmas decorations
  • All animals
  • Wildlife sitings
  • Local, raw honey (especially sourwood)
  • Fibrozyme
  • My massage therapist
  • My exercise therapist
  • Fantasy writers
  • Music
  • Worship with people who aren't afraid to show their faith
  • Prayer
I could go on and on, but I hope you get the point.  I have many things to be thankful for.  Let's keep the list going.  What are you thankful for?


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