Writing It Forward In 2016

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2015 is in the books. I experienced successes and rejections with my writing. That's to be expected. What I didn't expect...

In late August, my husband and I accepted custody of two of our grandchildren, ages four and eight. It slowed us down...a LOT. My routine did a complete 180. I had to step back and re-evaluate how I might achieve my goals, and I re-evaluated my priorities.

My writing resume for 2015 looked great up to that point: 

  • I taught workshops at two writing conferences and enjoyed combining my training career with my writing career.
  • A writer I met during a conference the year before hired me to edit his book, Locked In, which was published late in the summer and has done well.
  • A short story I wrote at the last minute to enter a contest gave me a lot of mileage on the contest circuit including winning 3rd place in the HubCity\Emrys writing contest, making it to the semi-finalist level in the Faulkner-Wisdom writing contest, winning First Place in the Carrie McCray contest, publication in The Petigru Review, and a Pushcart Prize nomination.

These successes kept me going as I struggled with the drastic shift in our lifestyles, but excitement fizzles without continuous work refueling the drive.

So where am I?  I have four great ideas for novels, two that I'm excited to work on. I’m plunging into 2016 with a renewed drive to get things done.  I will find a way to do it.

I just need time to write

Enter #Write365, a Facebook group of writers who have agreed to write every day of 2016. (Yes, I’m aware 2016 has 366 days. We all need a one day pass, don’t we?)  It never hurts to have a group gently looking over my shoulder and encouraging me. The good news?  I have successfully found time to write every day of 2016 so far.  Granted, on January 1 and 2, I managed fifteen minutes each day, but I wrote something.  Today, school started back, so I got a lot of writing done.

So, I look forward to getting on with the year.  I will persevere (my word for the year).

What are your successes in 2015?  How are you staying focused and on track?


womenswrites said…
Wow, two young kids and writing too! You're my hero! Congrats on your successes, I wish you many more!
Thanks! But look elsewhere for heroes, I'm not sure I can handle all of the pressure that goes with the role.
Bob Strother said…
Maybe some of us no-longer-empty-nesters should form a support group.
Unknown said…
You are so inspiring! It can be difficult to concentrate with kids around, they demand so much attention. You've got the right attitude, though. Keep focused on the positive aspects and continue to persevere - even if it's just fifteen minutes a day! You are a great example for those kids. Not only are you a wonderful caretaker, you are working daily to fulfill your dreams.
Bob, the thought has crossed my mind. I know our conversations lately have helped my sanity and let me laugh about the situation. People who aren't in this boat really don't get it.
Irena, thanks. I don't feel very inspirational at the moment. I wish I was your age with your energy!

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