Mystery or Fairy Tale?

It's Memorial Day week, so I'm running behind on everything, but I wanted to get our creative juices stirring. School is either out or almost out where you live, so we have to work at our creativity a bit differently during the summer.

These plants appeared in my yard a few weeks ago.  They lasted a few hours and disappeared.  I don't know what they are, but my curiosity starting dreaming up stories about them.

They are simple and fragile and beautiful, but what are they?

A ring of mushrooms, according to legends, means the fairies danced in that spot the night before. These look like tiny umbrellas. Did some minute creature hide under them, protected from a midnight sprinkle?

One is rounded at the top, the other inverted. Maybe the rounded one reached the peak of its short lifespan, first, and the inverted one will follow suit.

Surely, no one planted them there for me to find...

What are they?


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