What Is Omniscient Point of View and How Do You Write It?

Courtesy of Morguefile.com
In my last two posts, I explained the common point of view approaches considered acceptable in writing today.  You can explore that information here:

I have intentionally left one of the more difficult approaches, omniscient point of view, to last because most people struggle with how to effectively do this, myself included. Also, this approach is a bit dated and not often used in current works.

This post by The Writer's Craft blog defines it:

The Writer's Craft: Omniscient Point of View

If you want to dig further into this concept in order to understand how and why you should use omniscient point of view, as well as understand the difference between the subjective and objective forms of this approach, then this post from Scribophile details it thoroughly.

Scribophile:  Using Third Person Omniscient

Do you have another resource that will shed light on point of view?  Please share it in the comments on this post.


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