Why You Should Vote

Today, the American people choose their next President. We have the choice to vote or not to vote. I was raised by civic-minded parents who never considered not voting. They expressed confusion over why people would choose to not exercise this right. Like so many of their other beliefs and values, I inherited this belief.

Today, I will vote.

If you're reading this and questioning whether you should vote, please remember that we live in a country where I can write what I think and not be penalized. We can express our views on social media and not get arrested for them...although your friends might unfriend you if they don't like what you say.

What rights do you have that people in other parts of the world don't have? (See Bill of Rights)

  • If you want to keep your rights, you should vote.
  • If you appreciate your rights, you should vote.
  • If you take your rights for granted, stop doing so and vote.

Don't abstain because you don't like the choice. That means you're allowing someone to make the choice for you, and you might not like the outcome. Here's an interesting and unbiased article that compares the impact the next president will have on the Supreme Court...in other words our country's future for many years to come.


Then move forward with grace and dignity among others. If they voted differently than you, that's their right.

  • Don't chastise them.
  • Don't abuse them.
  • Don't spread hatred toward them. 

Show them the same respect you expect for your own views.

Because no matter how you or I vote, we still have to work with and interact with people who disagree with us every single day.

Do it with honor and integrity.


Crystal Collier said…
I'll second everything you just said. We're in Florida, so our votes actually really count. We hit early polling on Friday to avoid the crowds, but inevitably there will be people turned away tonight when they close down the polling centers.
I stood in line 75 minutes. I'm thrilled. This is the biggest turn out I can recall in years!

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