A Christmas Gift For the Reader In Your Life

I love sharing publication news on my blog...whether mine or someone else's.  This year, I've clued you in on several wonderful publications, and now, just in time for Christmas I can share one more:

My short story, Just Me, appears in this issue. It's a bit different from most of my other stories and essays, and I'm glad this quirky story found a home at moonShine.  Here's what the editors have to say about this issue:

Imagine yourself tucked in a cabin far from the noise of everyday life. In this cozy, wood-beamed den, we gather close as fireplace logs blaze against the blizzard just beyond the paneled walls. Rapt, we listen to Uncle Larry spin a yarn of other days, about people we don’t know—wonder at the truth within these tales.

Put yourself firmly within the oral tradition of storytelling for this issue of moonShine review. Turn up the volume on your auditory sense, and really hear—not just what is said but how it’s said.

They're offering a special holiday discount right now, so check out the ordering options here.

If you're local to me, I will have a few copies for sale once my order arrives.  Just leave me a comment to connect with you on this post. (I also have a few copies of previous issues if you're interested.)

After you read my story, I would love to hear your thoughts!


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