And The Winner Is...

Over the last two weeks, I've run a contest on this blog. In the first week, I presented a simple method for adding dimension to your characters and asked readers to submit their rewrites based on the method. In the second week, I shared the entries and the readers voted for the one they felt applied the method the best.

And the winner is:

Option F:

  • Original: She had frizzy, shoulder-length red hair.
  • Rewrite: She had a fright of crinkly red hair that cascaded haphazardly past her face and stopped just short of her shoulders.
Congratulations, Bob Strother!

As the winner, Bob will receive:
  • Writer's Editing and Critiquing Tips pdf (based on several of my blog posts)
  • 25% discount on a manuscript edit or proofread or a free 50 page edit*
  • An issue of moonShine review featuring my short story, "Just Me"
Also, congratulations to Emily Blitstein, the runner up:

Option E:

  • Original: "She was alone in a rental car, single, and with one suitcase to her name."
  • Rewrite: "She was alone in the car. It was a rental, bluetooth, back-up cameras, all the bells and whistles, and also a Black Chrysler Voyager which was the biggest and most unnecessary car available on the lot to give to a single female with one suitcase."
 All writers who entered receive a pdf of The Grammar Rules Every Writer Should Know.

If you entered, you will receive your free pdf by the end of this week.

Bob, you will receive your prize by April 28, 2017.

Thank you to everyone for entering!


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