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Over the past week, random writing topics floated through my mind. With each one, I thought:  Yes! I can write a post about that one.

Why this week? I entered a query contest on Twitter that pits my first page and query against other writers. Lots of agents will see the top 32 entries, so it's worth the time. To keep us all distracted while we wait for the first round selections, they are hosting a Twitter party where we answer questions about our writing.

On Monday we tweeted where and how we write.

I decided to be playful with my answer (it's ok, a lot of them are doing that) and said this:

I can write in a room, I can write facing doom, I can write in the shower, it doesn't matter the hour.

Pretty clever if I do say so myself.

But seriously folks, I do "write" in a lot of places. Just this morning, I was lying in bed and working through parts of my story line. I create while laying down a lot, especially before rising to start the day or before falling asleep at night.

Usually, I write in my office. I have a wonderful L-shaped desk that allows me to spread out. My laptop sits on the side that faces the wall, so the window is to my left but doesn't distract me. I'm, also, surrounded by giraffes (surprise!) of various shapes and sizes.

I prefer the morning hours when I'm still fresh and energized, but I can write all day if given the opportunity (with two young kids in the house, that's rare).

Some people write to music. I don't usually but can as long as it's background. If it's music that makes me want to sing or dance, it's harder to stay focused. Except when I'm writing a battle, then rock music rules. The louder the better.

Where and how do you write? Or if you want to have fun, tell me how many giraffes you can spot in my photo above.


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