Finding A Writing Critique Group

Members of our chapter at an open-mic
Some people might wonder why they need a writing group. After all, writing is a solitary endeavor, right? But membership in a group provides a fellowship of encouragement, support, and knowledge that most writers need, even if they don't realize it.

Recently, a fellow writing group member who had moved away showed up in my LinkedIn notifications. I sent him a quick message asking how his writing was doing. He said he missed our group and can't find a decent one where he lives. He's moved again, this time out of state.

After several years of looking for a group, I found  South Carolina Writers Association (SCWA). It's frustrating to want the support and camaraderie of a group of like-minded writers and not being able to find it.

Critiquing in Progress
Because I'm familiar with this dilemma, I've posted before about places to look for groups. Today, I want to expand on that topic by providing links to specific organizations that offer membership and chapters.

If you live in South Carolina,  SCWA has several chapters to choose from. Otherwise, check out these groups for local or online chapters:

Other potential resources include:
  • Meetup:  a larger venue for people seeking others with similar interests
  • Shaw Guides:  the layout isn't pretty, but you can locate writing conferences and workshops through their database
  • Where Writers Win:  lots of great articles and resources
  • Writers, Agents, & Editors at
    SCWA conference
  • Writers Relief:  the primary purpose of this site is to advertise an author submission service, but this specific link goes to a post that provides a huge list of writing groups by state
There are lots of writing groups out there. If you're part of one that's not listed here, please share the group's contact information in the Comments section of this post.


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