The Peculiarities of Writing

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is in full swing, and I'm behind on my word count. Don't feel bad for me. I expected to be at this point.

I celebrated my birthday over the weekend. Add that to major family gatherings over Thanksgiving, and you'll see why I usually don't sign up for NaNoWriMo. I lose too many writing days to family events that I'm not about to pass up.

That said, I'm still plugging on, writing towards my 50,000 word count goal for the month.

Since I need to get back to writing, I thought I'd share a quick post about one of the weird issues writers deal with: getting our facts straight.

This past week, I googled the following question:

Can a heat sensor pick up the presence of a bomb at a distance?

Add this to other odd questions I've googled about drugs, slang for large amounts of cash, guns, and poisons, and I'm probably on someone's watch list by now.

What links did Google give me?

Adds for thermal cameras. Not much help.

Then, I searched YouTube for info on thermal cameras and found this video which was good for laughs and sort of answered my question.

What strange questions have you googled in the pursuit of your writing?


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