That Christmas Moment When the World Stops

As a child, I loved Christmas Eve, but not for the obvious reasons.  Sure, Santa Claus' arrival lurked in the back of my mind, but Christmas never really began until my parents took us to the Christmas Eve service at church.

The sanctuary of our small church basked in an atmosphere of expectation as the minister lit the last candle in the advent wreath. Beautiful glass lamps hung from the wooden-beamed ceiling, their light glowing on the aged walls.  At night, the sanctuary took on a mysterious air, the stained glass windows subdued to darkness, the world outside awaiting the light of the world. On Christmas Eve, our little church waited for the true Light of the world, and the place became magical to me.

We heard the story of Christmas interspersed with songs like The First Noel, Oh Come All Ye Faithful, and O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.  I don't know about you, but I always found the experience of the shepherds the most wonderful.  Imagine.  These hard working men spent an ordinary day tending their flocks.  Maybe they fought off a predator or sought out fresh grazing land that day. Did God watch them with glee knowing they would receive the ultimate birth announcement that night?  If anyone told them that morning that a multitude of angels would announce the birth of the savior to them as they rested after a long day's work, what would they have said?

And then, the moment arrived. Light shone all around them. A host of angels declared the Christ's birth. How amazing!

In our Christmas Eve services, the ushers turned down the church lights, and we focused on the flickering candles at the front of the sanctuary.  One by one, we shared our light, voices lifted, singing Silent Night.  Candlelight reflected off our upturned faces and the eyes of those around me sparkled with the joy of Christ's birth and the wonder of this special moment.

I'm glad to say, my home church has renewed this tradition, and it still gets to me. Every. Single. Time.

More than Santa Claus, more than Christmas gifts, more than feasts, this one event still remains my favorite moment of the season.

What moment of the season holds that moment of peace, joy, and awe for you?

May you find it all year round.  Merry Christmas!


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