Editing Resources for Writers

Search for writing topics online, and you'll discover a plethora of resources to guide and help you in your writing pursuits. Although, I don't recommend every resource you find, I do subscribe to a few.

Today, I thought I'd share two YouTube channels that I've found informative, both of them focused on the topic of editing.

After viewing these, if you decide you want to talk to a freelance editor, feel free to contact me with questions. I've edited several novel-length manuscripts over the years and am available to help you.

Before you do that,

First, decide if you need an editor:
iWriterly:  When to Work With a Freelance Editor

Second, decide what kind of editor you need:
Mollie Reads:  My Editing Process + Rates


If you haven't found a group of writers to guide you as you write your first, second, and third drafts, here's a list of writing associations.  The list doesn't include state organizations, and even though it says there's a link to that list, it's not there. I belong to South Carolina Writers Association. Feel free to check us out or do a search for groups in your state.

The resources exist so go forth and find them.


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