Writing Prompt Tuesday: Short But Engaging

Summer presents certain challenges to the writer as I mentioned in my post, 6 Summer Writing Tips. But what about when you do find time to write? What do you write? If you've ever been stuck, then my blog is the place for you this summer. Each Tuesday, I'll offer a writing prompt to help you entice your muse to create.

So hop over here any time you're stuck. Maybe one of my prompts will help you out.

This week’s prompt comes from The Authors Publish: Compendium of Writing Prompts:

This is a prompt that takes very little time but helps get your writing juices flowing. You can use it daily as a warm-up to working on your current writing project.

  1. Write a random title. Anything will do. It doesn't have to be amazing.
  2. Set a timer to three minutes.
  3. Write. Let your fingers fly. Don't worry if it makes sense.
  4. Note your word count

According to the author, Emily Harstone, this exercise will do the following:

  • Help you create a new piece that's probably different from anything you've written
  • Warm up your muscles
  • Speed up your writing

It doesn't matter what you've written. What matters is you've engaged your muse to move forward. And who knows, you might find the seeds of another work in the results of this prompt

I like this prompt because you can do it every day with different results.

If you're inclined, feel free to post your responses in the comments. If not, no problem. Also, if you know of a great writing prompt, please share it in the comments.

Source:  Harstone, Emily. The Authors Publish Compendium of Writing Prompts, 2nd Edition. Belliingham Washington. Authors Publish Press, 2017. 18-20.


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