Summer's End: Time to Get Back to Work

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Although the calendar says otherwise (as well as the temperature outside), summer ended last week in our house. For me, summer means the time when school's out and kids play and forget homework. Since my grandchildren came to live with me three years ago (today!), the delineation between summer and the rest of the year required a lull in my writing. Even though I enrolled the grands in summer programs, they're expensive, so I didn't enroll them full-time throughout the summer.

This presented some challenges for writing, so I offered short writing prompt posts throughout that period. I did this partially because I didn't have time to focus on a longer post, but, also, I figured some of my readers might experience the same shortage of writing time as me and need a boost to get them going when they did find time to write. I hope they worked for you. Check them out here.

One of the drawbacks to my limited writing time over the summer ended up being the time available to submit my work. I missed a lot of submission deadlines for contests and journals. Thankfully, I did manage to submit a few things and learned this week that my short story, "Cedar Revenge," will appear in The Petigru Review. I'm honored that they chose this story. And a bit surprised if I'm being honest. Why? I used an odd combination of events in the plot line. It's not an obvious combination, so I wasn't sure if it would resonate with the judges. Now, I can look forward to seeing it published in October. I'll be sure to mention the publication dates once I have them.

Meanwhile, I'm playing catch up on writing and my other work as the second week of school gets underway. There's a lot to do.

How about you? Do you write more or less in a certain season? How do you manage that time?


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