Tuesday Writing Prompt: The Last Gasp

Summer presents certain challenges to the writer as I mentioned in my post, 6 Summer Writing Tips. But what about when you do find time to write? What do you write? If you've ever been stuck, then my blog is the place for you this summer. Each week, I'll offer a writing prompt to help you entice your muse to create.

So hop over here any time you're stuck. Maybe one of my prompts will help you out.

This week’s prompt:

Summer wanes while the heat continues. School, at least where I live, starts next Monday. So, this week, we're experiencing our last gasp of summer break. Your challenge is to write about the last gasp. You can be literal, metaphorical, or follow whatever the muse suggests.

Have fun!

If you're inclined, feel free to post your responses in the comments. If not, no problem. Also, if you know of a great writing prompt, please share it in the comments.


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