SlushFest Follow-up and Encouragement

I thought I'd run an update on the slushfest post from last week.

As I mentioned, my piece got rejected due to a single word--admonition. Although I do use that word, I changed it and submitted it at another slushfest the next weekend. This panel read the entire page, and several of the panel members said they would definitely turn the page.

Why share this here?

  • We need encouragement
  • Publishing is subjective
  • Not everyone likes the same thing

Also, and I believe more importantly, you have to consider who is reading the slush pile. Two literary journal editors sat on the panel that rejected my page. My piece is fantasy. The panel that didn't reject my page consisted of four agents, some of whom represent fantasy. As a side note, one of the agents on this panel does not represent fantasy, yet she was just as intrigued as the other members of the panel.

Don't give up.

Plug on.

Publishing is subjective.

I guess I better finish writing that manuscript!


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