Remembering My Uncle Wayne

Uncle Wayne (right) when he and Uncle Bill
visited my mother in 2012.
I received the call today, my Uncle Wayne passed away last night. He was the last of my parents' generation in our family. Always quiet, he could tell a funny story with a gleam in his eye.

Wayne often read my posts and commented on them. It was a great way to connect with him long distance.

In one of those weird twists of coincidence, that I fail to believe are coincidences, someone yesterday found and commented on a post from 2011 that he allowed me to use on this blog. He wrote it, and on the day of his passing, someone commented.

If that doesn't give you cold chills, well, I don't know what will.

In honor of Uncle Wayne, I'm sharing the link below. I'll miss him, but at least I have a bit of his wit available to share with others. Don't forget to read the comments. He chimed in there, too.

The Dreaded Evil Fitted Sheet

Godspeed Uncle Wayne. I hope you're having a great family reunion with Deloris, Bill, Bob, Babs, Henry, Barbara, Vivian, and your parents.


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