Research or Worldbuilding: A Great Writing Resource

Have you gotten back on track since the holidays? As of yesterday, I'm headed that way. Weird to be halfway through the month of January before I got my rhythm going, but it couldn't be helped with the later date for school to start back this year. Even then, I ended up with a sick child on the first day back.

Although I haven't been writing as much as I'd like, I have been reading posts about writing. A blog I follow,  Mythic Scribes, runs a series of primers on topics important to world building. Not a Fantasy or Science Fiction writer?  No problem, most of these posts apply to other genres, also.

I thought I'd share a few of them here:

How To Choose Sounds For a Fantasy Language

A Primer on Cults for Writers

Law for Fantasy Writers--Legal Systems in Worldbuilding

A Primer on Organized Crime for Writers

Creating a Fictional Religion

History for Fantasy Writers:  Millers

History for Fantasy Writers:  How to Cross a River

History for Fantasy Writers:  Bathhouse Keepers

History for Fantasy Writers:  Craft Guilds

History for Fantasy Writers:  Wagons, Carts, and Trucks

As you can see, there are posts for writers of religion, cults, crime, history, and then some! This is just a sampling of the many useful topics they cover. Check them out.


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