A Conversation with Poet, Rowe Carenen

For the next few months, I plan to feature various authors, poets, and writers in interview-styled posts. Writers will find some jewels of helpful information within these interviews, and readers, I hope, will find their next "To Be Read" book.

I first met Rowe Carenen at a book launch for my friend, David Burnsworth. Rowe is a publicist, editor, and poet, and she was working with David as well as another author friend, Susan Boyer. Prior to meeting Rowe, my massage therapist told me he knew someone I needed to talk to about my writing. It was Rowe! Rowe later professionally edited the first two books of my fantasy trilogy (yet-to-be-published). She has a gift for words and is an incredible friend, poet, editor, and writer.

Rowe Carenen

Rowe Carenen is a graduate of Salem College and the University of Southern Mississippi. Poetry has been Rowe’s passion ever since she realized that words could convey more than just the facts. Her poems have appeared in various literary journals and magazines, including The Revenant Culture, GERM, and Terrible Orange ReviewHer first poetry collection, In the Meantime, was published by Neverland Publishing in 2014. In October, she will have a poem in the anthology Running with Water, from V Press LC.

What are you working on?

My current collection is called First Drafts from the Brewery and is a reflection of where I am now and how I got here. I think I’ve figured out my peace and joy and am coming a bit into my own. I don’t think I’m done baking (and hope I never am), but I do think the recipe is starting to make more sense.

How does your work differ from others in its genre?

I think that poetry, when written through the filter of the author’s own perspective, is always different from other poems. I think more than any other genre, when written in truth each poet’s perspective offers a freshness even if it is the 117th poem about a fall leaf.

Why do you write what you do?

The simplest answer is help me figure out how I think or feel about something. I often find myself at the end of a poem surprised at where it has taken me. There is relief and peace in that.

How does your writing process work?

Usually I have several pieces fermenting at once either from a line that’s popped in my head, something I’ve witnessed, or a feeling I can’t quite name. I let it stew until it refuses to stay in. Then I write several poems at once and go back and rewrite rewrite rewrite. I often say a poem is never done, you just stop writing it.

How do I find your works?

My poetry collection, In the Meantime, can be found on Amazon.  The links in my bio above will direct you to other available works.

Also, if you're interested in Rowe's work as a publicist or editor, you can find her at The Book Concierge. I highly recommend her.


Rowe Carenen said…
Thank you so much for the interview!
Barbara Evers said…
Glad to do it, Rowe! Thanks for participating.

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