The Biggest Challenges for Writers

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The biggest challenges for writers are...

  • Finding time to write
  • Believing the praises and accolades from family and friends about their writing (as opposed to people who know the industry)
  • Finishing what they start
  • Staying off of the internet when they should be writing
  • Knowing when to stop revising
  • Submitting work before it's ready
  • Believing if one contest/journal/agent/publisher didn't choose it, it's no good
  • Being open to constructive feedback on how to make their writing better
  • Knowing the unwritten rules of creative writing and when to break them
  • Recognizing a publishing scam when they see it
  • Thinking that if best-selling author X breaks the rules of writing, they can too
  • Saying, "Some day I'm going to write a book," but never starting to write that book
  • Avoiding writing conferences because their book isn't finished
  • Thinking they don't need writing feedback on their work

By no means is this a complete list, but I've witnessed many would-be authors face these challenges and fail. Shoot, I've collided with a few, myself.

Every career has its challenges. I can vouch for this because I've spent over twenty years training employees in a variety of industries. When it comes down to it, the ones who truly want to achieve their dreams don't let hurdles stand in their way.

So...what is your biggest challenge as a writer?

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Vyki Carswell said…
I am also guilty of a few of these issues. I have major issues with procrastination and trying to build motivation (depression sucks). I fall into distractions kind of often with the internet ��
Those are definitely tough to overcome! My biggest challenge is finding the time, especially became an issue after my grandchildren came to live with us.

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