Literary History For Shakespeare Week

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians at Pixabay
Literary history on the blog this week as Writers' Digest celebrates William Shakespeare's birthday with Shakespeare Week.

Did you know William Shakespeare died on his birthday, April 23? Just different years, of course.

This week, Writers' Digest offers some interesting articles related to the bard's work and your writing.

Writing Tips for Retelling Shakespeare

Will's Way: Four Timely Craft Tips from the Immortal Bard

Also, they shared this week's timeline in literary history:

This Week in Writing
4/20—Bram Stoker died 1912 (10 writing techniques from Dracula)
4/21—Charlotte Bronte born 1816
4/21—John Muir born 1838
4/21—Mark Twain died 1910
4/21—Barbara Park born 1947
4/22—Henry Fielding born 1707
4/22—Vladimir Nabokov born 1899 (How to think and write like Nabokov)
4/22—Louise Gluck born 1943
4/22—Janet Evanovich born 1943 (Janet Evanovich quotes for writers)
4/22—Jane Kenyon died 1995
4/22—Thornton Wilder born 1897
4/23—William Shakespeare born 1564/died 1616 (33 words coined by Shakespeare)
4/24—Robert Penn Warren born 1905
4/25—Ted Kooser born 1939
What literary history fact do you like to share?


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