What I'm Reading

As I've shared before, I read a lot, and I thought it might be fun to share what I'm reading and find out what books you're reading, too.

During quarantine and social distancing, a lot of people have posted their joy about finding more reading time. My time to read decreased instead of increased. With my grandchildren in the house every day, I've found myself juggling their needs and my work needs into the evening hours. Result? Less reading time.

But like any avid reader, I've found ways to squeeze books in.

So, what am I reading this week?

Quite a few books, actually. 

Voyager by Diana Gabaldon (Time Travel Romance)
I've read this series before, but after a friend raved about the audiobooks, I decided to give them a try. This is book three, and I'm halfway through it. Last summer, I started watching the TV series as it became available on Netflix, so it's been fun to see and hear books I read years ago. The added plus to audio books? I can listen while doing housework and busy work that needs to be done without concentration.

Over the Night Horizon by Kacey Ezell & Nico Murray (Steampunk Romance)
This steampunk novel is from Wyld Stallions Press, an imprint of my publisher, Chris Kennedy Publishing. I discovered Kacey Ezell's writing as a pre-reader for a fantasy romance anthology, Flights of Fantasy, from the same imprint and loved her short story. It made perfect sense to pick this one up. It doesn't disappoint. Immortal vampires captain night ships that fly, but these Immortals have a bad reputation for abusing their Sources--the people who feed them. Add in a noble woman intrigued by one particular captain, and ... you'll have to read it to find out. Bonus! It's available on Kindle Unlimited (so is the anthology).

Greythorne by Crystal Smith (Young Adult Fantasy)
Our local independent book store, Fiction Addiction, offers a free ARC (Advance Reading Copy) to customers when their purchase exceeds a certain amount. With libraries shut down, I relied on them for books, especially for the grands. They make it fun by letting you pick from a basket of brown-paper-wrapped books; the only hint offered is the genre. My granddaughter chose this YA Fantasy, and I've been eating it up. It's book two in a series, so I will be going back to get book one. It tells the story of an exiled warrior princess (right up my alley) who tries to stay in the shadows so her brother can rule the kingdom. Why? Others want to snatch his rule and remove all traces of magic from the kingdom, including this princess.

Smoke Mountain by Erin Hunter (Middle Grade)
The grands and I like to listen to books in the car. With fewer car trips lately, we're progressing slowly, but this is the third book in the Seeker series. This series, follows four bears: one polar bear, one grizzly bear, one black bear, and one shape-shifting grizzly. It's entertaining while shedding light on racial differences using bears.

Little White Lies by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (Young Adult)
Not to be confused with several other books by this title, this is the first book in The Debutante series. Another audiobook, my granddaughter and I listen to it if we're the only ones in the car. That doesn't happen often, so our progress is slow. Still, it's fun to listen and hear her delighted comments and snorts at the antics of the main character, a sixteen-year-old raised by a single mother who receives an incredible offer from the horrible grandmother (her mother's opinion) who kicked her daughter out when she became pregnant. That last part is starting to sound like her mother's fabrication, too. There's a mystery coming besides who fathered her, but as I said, our opportunities to listen without her younger brother come rarely.

As you can see, I'm reading a lot of books. Do you read one book or do you divide your time between several? What are you reading?


J.E.S. Hays said…
I'm reading the Fiona Griffiths crime drama books by Harry Bingham and some nonfiction on the craft of writing (Story Trumps Structure and Story Engineering)
That's great! I've never read Bingham. It just dawned on me, I left a book out, too. Writer Get Noticed! by Colleen Story.
Unknown said…
I'm reading War and Peace. Great book! Figured if I didn't have time to read it now, when would I?
Next book will definitely be shorter.
Hmm. Maybe a short story.
Or flash fiction.
I’m impressed..I tried once years ago but didn’t have the stamina at the time. Maybe now.

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