Would You Rather Feed a Giraffe or Feed a Bear?

It's the second week of the month, so that means information on animals, especially giraffes, and videos. Yay! Today, I decided to give you two videos: one with a giraffe and one with bears.

This video was taken at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. We were lucky to be the only people on the tour that day, so we had a driver and two tour guides all to ourselves! Joy and happiness for me that day! I have more videos of feeding the giraffes, but this was my first time on this tour. The woman at the beginning is one of our guides teaching me how to do this appropriately. A lot of people have asked why I leaned so far back from the giraffe, and that's because their heads are HEAVY. You don't want to be hit by one.

I hope you enjoy this one, then scroll down for a bonus, second animal (not a giraffe) video.

We shot this video in Mendenhall Glacier Park in Juneau, Alaska. The tour guide told us we wouldn't see any bears, but he was wrong. We saw three! A mama bear and her two cubs. And she went fishing!

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John said…
Yes, they have HUGE heads. We were on a safari drive-through park and the car in front of us handed a cracker to a giraffe through their open window. Then they decided not to give him another. We could hear them screaming as the giraffe's giant head reached into the window and into the back seat of the car. He stayed there and proceeded to munch all the crackers, including the box. Huge, yes, but funny...
John, that’s hilarious! Our perspective of their size is so much off from the reality. Their heads weigh over 60 pounds, too!

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