Stories by Barbara: Pieces AND a Giraffe Birth!

 This is the fifth week of September, which means I get to veer from my posting schedule and share what I choose to share. Today, it's another story, "Pieces." Although I'm posting this on Sept. 30, my story's message focuses on October for a very specific reason (no not Halloween, that story will come later in October).

This story is a bit longer than the others, but I hope you'll take the time to watch it and share it with others. It focuses on a cause that is very important to me. Not giraffes, this time, although after you watch the video, scroll down for some giraffe-related news.

Here's the story:

Now that you've checked out the story, a bit of good news...and don't we all need some good news these days?

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo welcomed a new baby giraffe on Monday! A few weeks ago, they began preparing for a baby, but they weren't positive that Bailey, an 8-year-old giraffe, was pregnant. But they were correct, and there's a new baby girl giraffe to check out on webcam if you don't live near Colorado Springs, CO. If you want to check out another video, you'll see the baby giraffe getting examined by the doctors--this one will show you how big a baby giraffe is, and this little girl is on the small size.

For now, stay sane and stay safe!


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