Stories by Barbara, The Wall (And the Winner from Last Week)

 It's the 4th week of the month--it really is, check your calendars--and so that means storytelling time on the blog!

Before I share the story I picked for you today, I wanted to announce the winner from last week's blog giveaway. If you missed it, Mary Beth Gibson told us about one of the characters in her Duncullen Saga historical fiction trilogy, and we offered a free autographed copy to one of the commenters. Here's her post if you want to check it out:  Exploring Character as Power In Writing

So, I shot a quick video for the drawing...actually, I spun a wheel, but you can watch that here:

And then, after you've checked that out, I'm sharing a story I wrote last year that appeared in moonShine review's 15th Anniversary Issue. It's called "The Wall." I hope you enjoy it!


Woohoo! I won! Thanks, Mary Beth and Barbara!
You’re welcome, Valerie!
So glad you've won! Your book is on the way.

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