The Emotions Wheel: A Resource for Writers

 On a day when we know we'll feel the highs and lows of the emotional gamut, I thought it appropriate to share a resource for writers as well as others--the Emotions Wheel.

This wheel is a great resource for writers, counselors, teachers, and really anyone. Maybe you're a writer floundering for the right word or trying to find a different word to avoid repetition. Possibly, you're trying to help someone deal with difficult emotions at the time. You could be a counselor, teacher, or customer service representative working with someone who's in need of a bit of empathy. The emotions wheel offers a large spectrum of emotions to work with.

There are over 34,000 emotions you can choose from according to Positive Psychology. The wheel doesn't have that many, but there are quite a few. That means the right word is available to use if you can just think of it. Hope this helps on this potentially difficult day.

Special thanks to Geoffrey Roberts for permission to use his image of the Emotions Wheel.


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