Do You Know Your Watchers?

 After talking about Watchers last week, I thought we might do something different this week. How about a crossword puzzle where the answers are Watcher-related? Sound like fun? I hope so!

Here you go. Go here to access the answer key and a downloadable version of the puzzle.

2. Animal the royal family bonds with
5. Color worn by a Watcher to warn of danger
6. Heir to Elwar's throne
8. Weapon used by Watchers
9. Animal killed by Hunter in the forest
10. Kiffen and Serrin's mother
13. Adana's throne
14. Watcher who prophesied Queen Chiora's death
17. What Glume gave Adana to stop the pain
18. Giraffe Keeper
20. Rank Adana must have before leaving for Elwar
21. Where Micah and Donel first met Watchers
23. Adana's first betrothed

1. Beds in Moniah
3. Name of the Monian fortress after Chiora's death
4. Name of the celebration on Adana's 18th birthday
6. Chiora's First Vision
7. What's used to bond with giraffes
9. The kingdom Maligon is from
11. Coveted and expensive product made in Moniah
12. Watcher who escapes the forest with Adana
15. Watcher assigned to escort Adana back to her chambers after archery trial
16. Adana's closest friend in Elwar
19. The courtesan Queen Quilla tries to match with Kiffen
22. Where Adana was sleeping when attacked in the forest

Let me know if you enjoyed this, and I'll consider doing more.


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