Stories with Barbara: A Ball Gown Rebellion

 It's video storytime! 

The last week of the month is supposed to mean a story on YouTube from yours truly. With three books launching in quick succession, I let that slip, but it's back today!

Since it's prom season, how about a glimpse into Princess Adana of Moniah's approach to having to wear a ball gown in THE WATCHERS OF MONIAH?

I hope you enjoy it!

But before you click on that video, have you checked out this incredible book deal featuring THE WATCHERS OF MONIAH? Just 9.99 for 20 epic fantasy books. Don't get caught with your eyes closed! This deal won't last forever.

After you watch the video, feel free to share your prom dress stories in the comments. I'll even share mine, so make sure you check it out.


I skipped my junior year of high school, so I only went to the prom during my senior year. The year before, my oldest sister got married. When she picked out her bridesmaid dresses, she announced that she'd chosen something that we could wear to our proms when the time came. It was green--not my best color--and that's what I wore to my prom. I didn't get to go out and pick a dress. My mom knew what my sister planned, and that was that. I wore that dress. I have a picture somewhere. If I find it (in my non-existent spare time), I'll try to post it later.

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