You Might Be a Watcher If...

What is a Watcher?

I first encountered this question during a creative writing class. Keep in mind, at that point, The Watchers of Moniah was not a completed novel, and the events that occur on or after page 233 were the story's beginning.


A Watcher possesses certain gifts from the Creator, all related to sight. In some cases, it's the literal meaning of sight...but more. Watchers notice details others miss—not necessarily from being detail-oriented, although the gift does push them that way—but from what their inborn and trained intuition tells them.


A Watcher exhibits impeccable aim. An arrow hits the bullseye almost every time, and at a distance beyond the most talented archer's abilities. The same goes for knives. Over time, they learn to control this aim even more. Consider the straight arrow test:

Nine arrows in a straight line pierced the scarred target wall in the distance. A significant feat and cause for jubilation for most trainees, but she didn’t rejoice. Not yet. Not until she fired this last shaft. Sent true to its mark, she prayed it would prove her worth to the Creator and save her mother.

Awareness of Body Language and Surroundings

Watchers train in sword fighting. Their ability to read the tiniest hint from body language helps them anticipate their opponent's moves. This same skill aids in recognizing danger from afar. A Watcher will see the distant lightning or dust cloud long before someone without this gift.

Is It Just What They See?

No. Watchers, also, have very long legs which adds to their height--most are six feet tall or more--and this adds to their ability to cover great distances at a run. They train for running long distances from their first year as a trainee until they can run long distances without tiring.

And Then There are the Prophecies

Prophecy is part of the Watcher's gift. They don't usually experience a vision or prophecy until they reach the rank of Unit Leader, but there are exceptions. Adana is one of these exceptions. Prophecies occur as quick flashes during waking hours like Queen Chiora experiences in the prologue or as dreams like Adana experiences during her last year in Elwar.


Sorry men. The Creator gave the gift of watching to women only. There are three
other gifts you might qualify for: Empaths (men only), Seers ( men and women), and Listeners (men and women).

Test Your Watcher Skills

If you're female, take this quick quiz to find out.

Do you:

  1. Notice what others don't?
  2. Have dreams that often come true?
  3. Possess impeccable aim with a bow and arrow or knife (or other weapon)?
  4. Read body language with clarity and accuracy?
  5. Run faster than most and don't tire over long distances?
  6. See what's coming in the distance or future while others miss the signs?
  7. Possess an instinct for fighting that anticipates another's moves (this plays out in team sports for the modern day Watcher)?
  8. Stand taller than most of the women you know and many of the men?


If you answered yes to:

1-3: You have some incredible skills but you are not Watcher material. Don't be disappointed. You have talents and skills unrelated to these.

4-6:  With training and dedication, you might discover latent Watcher gifts!

7-8: Congratulations! You are a Watcher! Don't get caught with your eyes closed.

Are you a Watcher? Feel free to share your score and thoughts in the comments.


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