Can You Name That Watcher?

There are quite a few Watchers in The Watchers of Moniah trilogy. No surprise there, right? But can you name them?

I'm going to make it easy for you and focus only on the first book, THE WATCHERS OF MONIAH.

Off the top of my head, I came up with eleven, but I had to stop and think about it. To check my accuracy, I went back to my spreadsheet where I track everything from character names and traits to descriptions of the land, food, traditions, kingdoms, etc.

There are THIRTEEN Watchers listed by name in the first book. I know why I forgot ONE, but how many can you name?

If You're Stumped...

I've provided a clue for each one.

  1. This high-ranking Watcher is left in charge of Moniah
  2. This Watcher was ordered to escort Adana back to her chambers
  3. This Watcher does embroidery
  4. This Watcher became a member of Adana's Honor Guard and was one of her early trainers 
  5. This Watcher keeps watch with Adana one sleepless night in Elwar
  6. This high-ranking Watcher expected to become First Vision
  7. This Watcher serves as envoy to Teletia
  8. This Watcher serves as envoy to Belwyn
  9. This Watcher is known for her tracking abilities
  10. This Watcher reminds Adana of a hawk
  11. This Watcher is not referred to as a Watcher in Book 1 even though she is one
  12. This Watcher learns to use her other senses while in Elwar
  13. This ancient Watcher's name always reminds people of fire

List the ones you can think of in the comments,
then you can check your accuracy here. Extra points if you can name Watchers from The Watchers in Exile and The Watchers at War AND tell me which book they first appeared in.

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