The Star Chamber, SWAG, and CONJuration: Oh My!

Just a few quick mentions this morning since I'm busily preparing for the big weekend at CONJuration in Atlanta, Georgia this weekend. 

But before I leave for Atlanta, I am appearing on The Star Chamber Podcast tonight, NOV. 3 at 9 pm EST. I hope you can join me there. If you can't make it tonight, you can always catch it later.

If you subscribe to my newsletter, you know I ran a secret contest on my Facebook Author page. Only subscribers knew about it, so if you're not subscribed, you're missing out on some prize opportunities.

Congratulations to Dreaa Drake and JE Murray!

Look for an email from me so I can send you your SWAG! And thank you so much for reading my newsletter!

Now, a bit about CONJuration. This Magical Fantasy Convention centers around Harry Potter fandom and provides family-friendly programming with something for all ages. The workshops and panels sound amazing, and I had a hard time narrowing down the list of those I wanted to be part of. If you're thinking about attending, you can still do so. Just check out the CONJuration website for more info.

Here's my CONJuration schedule:

Friday, 11/5
4 pm Blending History and Fantasy

Saturday, 11/6
10 am Actually, I Like Editing
11 am Animals as Characters
1 pm Learning to Love Our Villains
2 pm Dragons, Wizards, and Pens
6 pm To Tell the Truth ...or Not

Sunday, 11/7
10 am What If? Harry Potter Edition
11 am What Would It Be LIke Being a Wizard Mom
2 pm World Building 101

I'll, also, have a table in the vendor area where you can drop by and talk to me about THE WATCHERS OF MONIAH trilogy, get the books, and see what other SWAG I have to offer. I've got freebies while they last, too!

Hope to see you on the podcast tonight and/or at CONJuration this weekend!


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